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  1. The next week is going to be a story of change in the East. This weekend will be (pleasantly?) warm will high temperatures reach into the 80s. For those of us yearning for winter weather, we'll need to wait a bit longer. But if you want one last shot at summer fun, Sunday may be your last chance! The 850 mb temperature anomaly map below show just how unusually warm this weekend is going to be.


    Notice that warm bubble in the middle of the Sargasso Sea? That's Hurricane Maria on her way north from Puerto Rico. It's too early to be talking about an exact track up the coast, but the trend continues to be out to sea. Interestingly it may actually be the decay of Jose that dictates her track. For you weather weenies out there, you're about to see some really cool dynamics in play next week. For a few days now the dynamic models have been consistently showing the remnant circulation of Jose deflecting Maria in a example of the Fujiwhara Effect. This is clearly visible in the vorticity animation. Note that as Maria runs into the vorticity maximum left from Jose off the coast of Cape Cod, she is deflected to the left of track before the steering currents push her out to sea.


    Once Maria move out late next week, cooler air will move in for next weekend. Expect a crisp smell of fall as October arrives next weekend. Skier spirits will soar and leaves will rustle. It should be a great weekend for a campfire in the backyard.


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