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    Haha Maybe I'll buy them from you next Tuesday on my anniversary. See what my wife's reaction is and how solid our relationship truly is!
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    Had the yearly probing the week. I am down 30-32 from my high last year. 10# more and I will be where I should be for size and frame. I think more would be better. Might be looking for new pants for the season.
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    It's almost as if something is changing. Hmmm, wonder if anyone is looking into that.
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    Perfect weekend for getting on your bike and going for a ride in the woods. That's my therapy. Sent from my XT1080 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    She definitely does with her Langes. What used to take over half an hour as a 2-person process is now single-person and less than 15. Her Atomic Hawx don't require thawing but the boot itself is 4mm longer. For myself, brute force and Intuition liners generally work.
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    There are robust signs of some cooler fall weather coming behind the passage of Hurricane Maria. You'll hear more about it in the soon-to-be-launched weather blog over the next day or two.
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    This is the only pic I have from that day (Gary's). Great day!
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    As someone once said.............Fuck Summer !
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    Realistically veterans should ski free everywhere all the time. So this is still just the lipstick on the pig of outrageous pricing structure.
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    We need a thread filled with ski pics to help get us through hot summer days like this. My kid on Bypass at Stowe . This was from Whaleback. There were only a handful of people on the hill and we had 12" to go around all afternoon! Me and my little guy made the Big Time! Rite of passage New Year's Day Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Much needed thread! Here are a couple from last season. Early season pow day at Sunday River... Mid season untracked on Tramline... Late session Fuze Bowl at Kicking Horse.... Looking back at these pics, I feel like we had the slopes to ourselves everywhere we went.
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    If people are into distilleries, Green Mountain Distellers in Morrisville is worth a visit when in Northern VT. http://greendistillers.com I think their vodka is phenomenal. Blows away garbage like Tito's. Sent from my XT1565 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Thanks Yeggous! I'll be checking in regularly.
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    Counter-proposal: rather than post-by-post threads, how about one per "event"?
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    [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Fantastic job Bryan! Looking forward to it this year.
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    Welcome to the inaugural post of "Chasing Snow." This blog will feature weather in New England with an emphasis on winter weather and skiing. How often will it be updated? As frequently as needed. Expect post to slow down over the weekend or other times when I am too busy skiing to talk about the weather. Will you tell me the best place to ski every weekend? Absolutely! At least I hope to give you the information you need to make an educated decision. What content will you provide? Expect more than a simple forecast. As a reader I hope you'll learn something from this blog. Look forward to technical but accessible forecast discussion. When appropriate, pretty pictures will be used. What are you waiting for? Cold beer. Snow. Eternal fame and fortune. My wife to get home so I can eat dinner.
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    Some women are willing to settle for mediocrity. Trust me - I have 18 years of experience in this matter! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Thanks John. Puck it, I agree. But clearly my mad gnar shredding skillz make up for all my other issues.
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    Certainly didnt suck ! Hopefully they continue with the new improved Cannon !!
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    I hear there are even some vegetarian options...
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    15-20 minutes south to Fiddlehead FTW, and the pizza there is great as well. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Flatbread pizza brews there own beer and has a bunch of guest taps. Plus the pizza is pretty amazing. Have fun! Burlington is a great spot
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    This post was also made using twitter authentication!
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    You can now sign-in to NMS using Twitter! By linking the accounts you can tweet your posts.
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    I just added a bunch of ski swaps to the calendar. I tagged the swaps. http://www.northeastmountainsports.com/tags/ski swap/
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    Yup, works better than AZ right now. iOS 11 is a pretty wild change on the iPad. Sent from my iPad using Northeast Mountain Sports
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    Just picked up my new board, now I'm willing to day. FCK SUMMAH
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    I just don't get it. I get it for commuting but mtb'ing. It is for the exercise.
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    Save the date and get ready to register. The 2017 EICSL trip to Jay Peak will be Tuesday, December 12 - Sunday, December 17, 2017. A 3-night option will also be offered starting Thursday, December 15. All participants of the 5-night trip will also receive an unlimited season pass to Jay Peak. For those on the 3-night trip, you'll get a mid-week season pass. One day (Friday) in the water park will be included. Prices: 3-night slopeside 2-bedroom condo -- $300 / person (quad occupancy) 3-night hotel studio -- $450 / person (double occupancy) 5-night slopeside 2-bedroom condo -- $480 / person (quad occupancy) 5-night hotel studio -- $720 / person (double occupancy) Registration will be posted soon. You'll need to join EICSL by the time of the trip to attend.
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    I got an update on pricing. I made a mistake. The 5-day trip with unlimited season pass is $480 (not $580) per person if you stay in the slopeside condos. Sorry for the mistake. Registration should open next week.
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    All trip participants must be EICSL members by joining one of the league's member clubs: http://www.eicsl.org/clubs.html If you're not looking to join a club with a house in the Mt Washington Valley, then I suggest joining ACE Ski Club. It meets locally in Chelmsford, MA and has the Vermont discount tickets we've discussed before. It's $40 for the first person and $30 for each additional adult in the household. I'd need to look into the fees for kids. New members also get a free ticket to Bretton Woods for the demo day on December 9!
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    Incredible deal. If I didn't have kids, 2 passes already or a week long trip out west I'd be all over this. Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I got new boots and footbeds from Adam at Sport Thoma in Lincoln. We took about two hours and they fit great. I'm excited to take them out in a couple of months! It's worth noting that Adam Greenier actually has his own orthotics company and contracts on Friday and Saturday for Sport Thoma. He's qualified to make a full prescription orthotic. He's also offered to contribute content here. I just sent him an email about coming over to North Conway to run a special fitting session there. I'm optimistic about establishing an ongoing relationship.
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    Agree, that for two guys with sufficient disposable income a 4wd SUV is a good insurance policy for a January ski trip to Utah. You probably won't need it for Snowbasin and BCC, but there's a decent chance (wild guess 20% chance) that on the two days going to LCC you might need it. I've skied in LCC about 25 days in the last two years in various times of the winter and it was restricted to 4wd/snows/chains by UDOT on about five or six of those days. Most of those restricted days were during my visits in late Jan 2016 and late Jan 2017 (81" snow in eight days!). As MadRussian says, the bus is an option, but it could be crowded and/or time consuming on snow days. By my small sample your trip dates give you a decent chance to ski powder, but every local will take sick and be out there vying for it too :-) I was in a situation in the past (skiing Lake Tahoe) where the difference between a two week rental of a regular vehicle and an SUV was quite significant (~$800) and I went with a regular vehicle and bought a $50 set of chains for the one day I needed them.
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    The biggest reason to pre-heat boots is to make them easier to get into.
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    He who dies with the most toys wins. I have the boot dryer too. Actually, I have a few of them. I keep one in North Conway, one at home, and one in my extra ski gear bag to bring to the hill. I've been known to warm my boots with it over lunch.
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    Snow on Mt Washington this morning.
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    Finally found some more "Two Juicy" from Two Roads. Tastes even better than before. Worth the price imo. In taking to some stores they are only brewing it once a month and they are lucky to be able to get a case of it.
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    No, that's not crazy. That's cool and respectful. And in the long run it's more effective.
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    Lol. You have a different user name though. They'll never know it's you [emoji41] Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    Am I crazy to not want to personally come off seeming like a salesman?
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    I only go there when I see a post here saying that it's down. Maybe that's the plan to drive traffic???!!!
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    Good food as well. We were there one night last March as part of an NVT ski safari. Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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    I'm currently on a job in San Francisco. Stopped at Speakeasy Brewery today. The place was completely under renovation and closed for business. But I walked through an open door to check out what kind of renovations they were doing and I bumped into the owner. He told me that they'd be closed for a few months....then handed me a free six pack so I wouldn't go away empty-handed! Pretty tasty Session IPA and it gets my vote just for his attitude.
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    Went running for the first time in a few weeks yesterday. Didn't loose too much but am feeling it today after only 4+ miles.

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