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  1. Bootfitter Recommendations

    Well that blows. I literally just saw him on the 15th for the first time. Nothing but incredibly things to say, but I could have saved $50 by waiting! Been meaning to post a more in-depth review of my experience.
  2. Saddleback Historic Deal

    Glad to see they are back in the communication game. I'm disappointed about the t-bar as I wanted to see the new lift and have the faster speed, but rebuilding the cupsuptic is probably a better move for the first year. It is an aggressive timeline for a lift install given the weather that Rangeley can get. If this warmth continues it will be no issue though.
  3. Crotched Mtn 17-18 Season Thread

    Definitely would consider it. Anyone know if Wildcat or Attitash are having similar events?
  4. Hah! That I'm sure would make for some upset customers. You do need to reserve a seat in advance, on a specific cat/time even. Email said if you miss your scheduled ride you won't even be guaranteed a seat on a later cat. Ive heard no details about a pay at the door option. I think management is expecting this to be a big hit and sold out most trips and isn't even considering unreserved spots for now. T-bar makes a lot of sense in that regard. Seems like a golden opportunity to build a yurt or something at the base of the cat pick up. They recommend arriving 10 minutes beforehand.
  5. Really hope it wasn't that, because that is horrific justification for not offering it anymore. You could have just as easily made it 1 per person instead of killing it all together! I suspect, if its really gone, that it is part of a more aggressive early season pricing scheme. The world cup also probably hurt in this regard too. They are hoping their already well known early season offerings will become even more popular.
  6. Maximum of under 200 possible seats a day isn't a large amount of traffic, but it IS a lot of money relatively speaking. On a completely sold out day (which I'm sure most weekend powder days will be) that's over $4,500 before any operating expenses. I'd bet the cat will be 80% sold out most days of the year. Luckily the area is massive enough that 180 extra people won't make much of a difference too.
  7. Wintry Mix

    I listen occasionally. I think some of their stuff is really good, other pieces are just okay. I think they have a fairly large viewership though!
  8. Did you hear this or are just assuming because we haven't heard anything yet?
  9. My first day there last year was 10/31, missed powder, but it was like 25 degrees and it was the coldest temps I skied in until January haha.
  10. Ski Season Cometh

    I'm in the Longwood area in Boston and there are two trees outside of my office that I noticed changed seemingly overnight. A few others are starting to show yellow in a few places. I bet in a week things will look pretty great!
  11. Attitash having their park over on Bear is a blessing and a curse. They get that FGQ all to themselves, so it doesn't impact lift lines elsewhere, but it is also a nice long trail that gets taken over. Thank goodness Wildcat doesn't have a terrain park at least!
  12. Crotched GM/staff, like Xwhaler said. Rumor has it their GM lurks on AlpineZone, so he might be amenable to coming over here too! I'd like to hear from Ragged too. Lastly Boyne (specifically SL/SR). I know Ethan Austin has done the AZ challenges before and has a presence on the SLtoday forum occasionally. Not as sure about the SR upper management.
  13. Shocked at the number that were out whenever I skied there at night last season! Hopefully that will be updated this year. They can't have not noticed and it is kind of a safety hazard.
  14. Peak Resorts

    Never knew it could also be called that. So all they really did was refinance?

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