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  1. Wildcat 17-18 Season Thread

    I was sorta thinking if they got Bobcat open early the racers could all congregate there...its a better trail for gate training compared to Lynx and it would free up some space for the general public on Lynx.
  2. Crotched Mtn 17-18 Season Thread

    It's 20 oz for 16 Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  3. Ryan's Beer Thread

    That's great stuff. Their Burn the Ships Smoked IPA is really unique as well. Little taco joint in Raymond we go to as a family has Able Ebenezer on tap 24/7 Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  4. Crotched Mtn 17-18 Season Thread

    Did the bartender tell you about the birthday beer and first free beer? I knew about the shirt because you showed me and also they advertised it on the website but not the other things. A nicer mug for the coming season would be a good thing. Also wish they gave you $1 off each pour (Ragged did this and the break even becomes fairly quick)
  5. Winter 2017-18 gathering planning

    Plus its early December so we are talking machine made snow which BW does a good job of. For a demo day the ability to try out hard pack/variable snow skis I think would work well at BW. If it were later in the yr and the chances for powder/steep terrain was more of a factor then Cannon would of course be it.
  6. Crotched Mtn 17-18 Season Thread

    Noticed this the other day...anyone planning to attend? Last yr we went to Ragged's passholder kickoff event in order to get our passes and do a little hiking around the mtn. They ended up running out of food so we left but not before we got our mug club memberships which was wise as they ran out that day. We already have our passes so not sure if we will go...maybe if it is a nice day would be nice to do a quick hike to the top and get a free meal...see if they have any deals going https://www.crotchedmtn.com/event/new-event-63/
  7. Best Brewery in Burlington?

    Flatbread pizza brews there own beer and has a bunch of guest taps. Plus the pizza is pretty amazing. Have fun! Burlington is a great spot
  8. Saddleback Historic Deal

    Looks like Saddleback is working to get the Rangeley chair replaced with a fixed grip quad for this coming season for a late January chair opening. Realizing they may not have enough time at this point they are also working to re build the existing Cupsuptic T Bar. The plan is to have that open for normal opening (guessing 12/16) which would then allow them to offer access to 100% of the terrain. Hopefully it works...I think at minimum getting the T bar open to give condo owners and locals some skiing this yr would be a good thing for the area.
  9. Booked for 4 nights at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird to alternate between Alta and Bird on our Mtn Collective pass. Then Thursday AM we will drive up to Snowbasin and ski there for a day and a half...staying downtown Ogden our final night.
  10. Winter 2017-18 gathering planning

    If Sugarbush is still an option I have 3 tickets I'm looking to use this season up there Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  11. Game On!

    Some pumpkin beers are pretty good. The SmuttyNose Pumpkin is a good example. I can admit this and feel secure! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  12. Up a Creek

    The one off middle hard we thought about last mid April then didn't. Too much running water Didn't matter tho as we audibled to kinsman for a surprise special run. That one is in my memory bank for sure Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  13. We could barely keep up before! Awesome work Puck Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. SLC Rental Cars

    Thanks everyone for the advice so far. Made some calls this week and hopefully booking all lodging this wknd. If all goes well will be starting our trip at Alta/Bird and staying 4 nights slopeside at one of the two. Then re locate to Ogden for a night and 2 days at Snowbasin to finish up. Gonna be a nice little stretch of 8 straight days on skis for me! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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