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  1. Group therapy thread

    Much needed thread! Here are a couple from last season. Early season pow day at Sunday River... Mid season untracked on Tramline... Late session Fuze Bowl at Kicking Horse.... Looking back at these pics, I feel like we had the slopes to ourselves everywhere we went.
  2. Best Brewery in Burlington?

    Picked up some Barn Hill vodka and gin. Another amazing NEK distiller.
  3. Offseason Fitness, Training, Recovery.

    Hey Bob. Good to see you!
  4. Best Brewery in Burlington?

    Wish I hadn't limited my question to "brewery". Otherwise somebody might have mentioned Mad River Distillery. But don't worry, we found it anyway....
  5. Quiver theory

    I'm not immune. I own ~10 snowboards and 4 pairs of skis. But here's my issue with conditions-specific quivers....it's a trap that can detract from vs add to the enjoyment of any given ski day. I've lost WAY too much ski time and enjoyment thinking "this would be so much better if I had my other skis". These days I really try to only bring 1 (maybe 2) option to the mountain and just be happy with what I'm on. When I switch it up it's more for the fun and novelty of being on different gear vs perfectly matching gear to conditions. The biggest reason I have so much gear is because I like being able to put my friends and family into suitable stuff when they visit.
  6. Head Skis - Flight line - Thoughts?

    You're too cool man. I'll figure out a time to connect with you soon.
  7. Head Skis - Flight line - Thoughts?

    I'm not typically in Chelmsford, but it's not hard to get to when motivated. Price? Barter?
  8. 2018 Winter Gathering poll

    I'll be honest, I'm unlikely to be looking to book a full weekend away. Already having a place in NH means that we usually day-trip from there. If we're going to pay to stay elsewhere we are usually looking out west. But I do like the idea of "Gatherings" to get everyone together. I'm more than happy to ski & apres just about anywhere in New England.
  9. Heated boot bags

    ? Do you put your feet (boots on) in the bag before pulling them off?
  10. Introducing "Chasing Snow"

    In the app
  11. Introducing "Chasing Snow"

    FYI your "chasing snow" hyperlink above redirects to a hiking report about Mt. Toby. And the full link redirects to the 2017-18 Gathering thread. I haven't quite found the actual weather blog yet, but I look forward to seeing it in action! This should be a draw for sure.
  12. Site design feedback

    I have so many F'ing pictures of mountains, and snow, and skiing it would be hard to even know where to start. It seems like you'd definitely want snow covered New England mountains. Seems like you'd probably NOT want a specific resort so that you have a more generic appeal (never understood AZ's SL pic for that reason). Here's a pic that has Lafayette, but still with a bit of ski trail and snow making clouds in the foreground. Something like this useful?
  13. Winter 2017-18 gathering planning

    This is the only pic I have from that day (Gary's). Great day!
  14. Winter 2017-18 gathering planning

    Agreed!! That was unusual, but I'm ready to see it be the new norm.
  15. Winter 2017-18 gathering planning

    I hear there are even some vegetarian options...

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